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 health and safety across the UKGBS Health and Safety Services are  based in Cambridgeshire – and was formed to help businesses like yours with health and safety compliance and advice, anywhere across the UK.

Our team of experienced consultants and associates are always available to provide you with sensible and proportionate advice and support.

The Managing Director, Chris Smith, has worked in health and safety consultancy for over 10 years and understands how to tailor and deliver health and safety packages that are right for you and right for your business.

We understand that health and safety can appear to be complex or a burden, but by allowing us to see what you have in place and to identify strengths and weakness, we are able to put together an improvement plan, bespoke to your situation and to assist you with any areas of weakness which are identified.

Why use us for YOUR health and safety needs?

Well firstly we are qualified – Chris is a Chartered Safety and Health Practitioner and is listed on the Occupational Health and Safety Consultants Register. Chris is also a qualified trainer and fire risk assessor. All of our employees and associates perform continuous professional development and are chosen to assist you based on their individual competency.

We are experienced – we have worked in numerous industries and have been exposed to thousands of tasks which, over the years has given us a thorough understanding of health and safety matters and how to comply with the law.

We don’t just provide a folder to gather dust! And we are not into providing you with blank forms (which we know will stay blank). We develop and provide realistic health and safety policies, procedures, risk assessments and safe methods of work based on what you do and how you do it.

We travel – based in the south east of England and offering a UK wide service we come to you to assist you and your business to stay on the right side of the law.

Why not contact us to discuss how we could bring our skills and experience to you.

Like a Copy of Chris’s CV?

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