Sit less and move more at work

Research has identified that we should be reducing our sitting time at work by at least 60 minutes per day, which canimprove our health. With COVID-19 keeping many indoors and working from home, it is important to make time to step away from your desk regularly.  Chris Burrow, OSH Content Developer at IOSH, discusses new research examining the health implications of sitting […]

Looking after yourself – supporting your own mental health when working from home

As more organisations move to online working, human connections are important. Mental Health First Aid England have developed a helpful article outlining some ways to support your mental health, reduce feelings of isolation and feel connected with colleagues while working remotely. You can view the article on their homepage HERE – print it out and […]

Advice for First Aiders during COVID-19

First aid remains a crucial skill even as the country deals with the COVID-19 pandemic.  St John Ambulance have put together some advice for first aiders so that you can continue to keep those you care for and yourself safe. Please click the link HERE to see their advice. 

Free online first aid refresher training from St Johns

St John Ambulance have suspended their scheduled face-to-face training, in line with government advice, however, they are giving free access to their e-learning Annual refresher course until 1 June (when they plan to resume scheduled training). This will help your first aiders keep on top of their first aid skills, refresh their knowledge either in the […]