HSE updates COVID-secure workplace guidance regarding ventilation

The law requires employers to ensure an adequate supply of fresh air in the workplace and this has not changed during the pandemic. Good ventilation reduces the concentration of the virus in the air and therefore reduces the risks from airborne transmission. This happens when people breathe in small particles (aerosols) in the air after […]

Stay safe in the home this Christmas

As lots of us get into the festive spirit, it’s really important that we take extra care to make sure our homes are safe at Christmas. Whenever you’re putting up your decorations, the message is the same – don’t overload your plug sockets. If you’re using a multi-socket extension you need to be careful not […]

Health and safety spot checks and inspections during coronavirus (COVID-19)

The HSE is carrying out spot checks and inspections on all types of businesses in all areas to ensure they are COVID-secure. They are making calls so they can give expert advice on how to manage the risks and protect workers, customers and visitors. By calling and visiting premises and speaking directly to employers, they […]

HSE Stats reveal lowest fatality rate on Record

A total of 111 individuals lost their lives at work in the 12 months ending 31 March 2020, the lowest ever recorded number of workplace fatal accidents. The HSE’s annualfatalities statistics, released in July, also revealed  a 25% decrease on the 149 fatalities in 2018/19.  The provisional figures, which could be revised slightly up or […]

Working at Home – lone working and stress

Lone working without supervision There will always be greater risks for lone workers with no direct supervision or anyone to help them if things go wrong. Keep in touch with lone workers, including those working from home, and ensure regular contact to make sure they are healthy and safe. If contact is poor, workers may […]

Working at Home – DSE Requirements

Has that temporary work at home now become long-term or permanent? Employers have the same health and safety responsibilities for employees working from home as for any other employees, including the duty not to charge for things done or provided pursuant to their specific requirements. If you have staff working at home, you must still […]

HSE Safety Alert issued: Use of face masks designated KN95

HSE has issued a safety alert about the poor quality of face masks claiming to be KN95. A substantial number of face masks, claiming to be of a KN95 standard, provide an inadequate level of protection and are likely to be poor quality products accompanied by fake or fraudulent paperwork. These face masks may also be […]

Sit less and move more at work

Research has identified that we should be reducing our sitting time at work by at least 60 minutes per day, which canimprove our health. With COVID-19 keeping many indoors and working from home, it is important to make time to step away from your desk regularly.  Chris Burrow, OSH Content Developer at IOSH, discusses new research examining the health implications of sitting […]

Looking after yourself – supporting your own mental health when working from home

As more organisations move to online working, human connections are important. Mental Health First Aid England have developed a helpful article outlining some ways to support your mental health, reduce feelings of isolation and feel connected with colleagues while working remotely. You can view the article on their homepage HERE – print it out and […]

Advice for First Aiders during COVID-19

First aid remains a crucial skill even as the country deals with the COVID-19 pandemic.  St John Ambulance have put together some advice for first aiders so that you can continue to keep those you care for and yourself safe. Please click the link HERE to see their advice.