Display Screen Equipment (DSE) Risk Assessment

Computer workstations or equipment can be associated with neck, shoulder, back or arm pain, as well as with fatigue and eyestrain. The Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment (DSE)) Regulations aim to protect the health of people who work with DSE. The Regulations were introduced because DSE has become one of the most common kinds of work equipment.

The regulations state that the employer should make a suitable and sufficient assessment of workstations -which is where our Display Screen Equipment Risk Assessment comes in.


Employers are required to carry out Display Screen Equipment Risk Assessment in workstation environments, and assess and reduce risks by looking at:

  • The whole workstation including equipment, furniture, and the work environment;
  • The job being done;
  • Any special needs of individual staff
  • Where risks are identified, take steps to reduce them

Employers must also:

  • Ensure workstations meet minimum requirements
  • Plan work so there are breaks or changes of activity
  • On request arrange eye tests, and provide spectacles if special ones are needed
  • Provide health and safety training and information
  • At GBS Health and Safety Services, we have assessors with vast experience in assessing computer users and have access to trained and competent ergonomists.
Display Screen Equipment Risk Assessment – a unique approach

Our unique approach to Display Screen Equipment Risk Assessment includes a staff briefing of the company health and safety policy regarding the use DSE and eye test arrangements, personally reviewing individuals workstations including hardware (chairs, desks etc.), software (operating systems, company programs etc.), environmental surroundings (lights, heat etc.), breaks (scheduled and work related) and culminates in a detailed written report with, where necessary, recommendations with responsible persons and timescales detailed to ensure timely follow-up and corrective action.

So if you need assistance with Display Screen Equipment Risk Assessment or general advice, feel free to contact us today to have a chat to see how we may be able to assist you!


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