Event Safety Management

GBS Health and Safety Services have a vast experience in event safety management. We have worked on events large and small from the Tour de France to local heritage weekends.

From the outset we are able to assist you with planning the event, selecting suitable contractors, setting up the event, performing pre-start up and daily health and safety checks, on the day management through to break-down.

From sprawling food and drink festivals to indoor trade exhibitions we have solutions which can be tailored to your needs. It is our range of expertise and experience that enables us to ensure your event is not only successful and enjoyable but is also safe for visitors.

Event organisers have prime responsibility for the health and safety of their workers, members of the public (the audience / crowd) and contractors working for you at the event.

Organisers are responsible for ensuring that overall event safety management is maintained so that, as far as reasonably practicable, people setting up, breaking down and attending the event are not exposed to risks to their health and safety. Event organisers duties include:

  • Having health and safety arrangements in place to control risks
  • Ensuring co-operation and proper co-ordination of work activities
  • Providing employees and others with relevant information on any risks to their health and safety
  • Ensuring the competence of staff to undertake their role safely
  • Monitoring health and safety compliance
  • Reviewing your health and safety arrangements

Event Safety Management – Packages/Services

We are able to offer a wide range of Event Safety Management packages to suit your requirements. We can work with you from the planning stages right through to the break-down and site clearance. We can also assist you with event safety planning and the development of the ‘Event Health and Safety Manual’. Each event is different so please get in touch to discuss how GBS Health and Safety Services could assist your event.

So, if you have an event planned or are thinking of staging an event large or small, contact us to discuss how we may be able to assist you with your event responsibilities and management.

Our Event Experience:

We have worked on a variety of events. Some examples of our events experience include:

We worked with the primary floor manager in the safe planning, set-up and break down of the whole event. Duties included pre-event health and safety meetings, on-site control of contractors, daily pre-event checks, incident management, on-going regular inspections and reporting to the event Directors.

We were appointed by the Hub Manager to assist with the Event Safety Management of road closures, crowd management and welfare, incident response, daily event health and safety checks (including food / retail) and liaison with the emergency services.

We were appointed to assist with the site safety survey and setup, on-site management of contractors erecting temporary demountable structures, daily pre-start food safety checks of retail outlets, liaison with site emergency services, crowd management and ongoing Event Safety Management health and safety checks.

We were appointed by the event Director as on-site health and safety support for this shell-scheme trade show. Duties included management and control of contractors, reviewing and ensuring compliance with exhibitor risk assessments daily and pre- event health and safety checks as well as incident management.