Insurance Surveys

At GBS Health and Safety Services we have a long history of carrying out Employers, Public and Product Liability (including sales to the USA) risk surveys.

Our Insurance Survey experience has introduced us to thousands of risks across the UK which provides our surveyors with the knowledge and understanding of liability risks and allows us to produce detailed and accurate report for the Underwriters or Brokers review.

Where appropriate the insured receive an Insurance Survey   ‘Risk Improvement Report’ which details where actions are required and timescales in which compliance must be achieved.

GBS are also able to offer a follow-up service to ensure compliance has been achieved and to inform relevant parties of their progress. Brokers and Underwriters have found this service to be a incredibly valuable and time saving service.

Insurance Survey Reports

The reporting format is clear, succinct and includes ‘traffic light’ visual markers which allows the Broker / Underwriter to quickly identify areas of strengths and weaknesses.

Our summaries provide a general overview of the risks and exposures and concludes with an overall rating with explained definitions.

Our service and relationship with stakeholders are key to our success. From the outset we are transparent and reliable and make sure that the surveys are received, handled and carried out with professionalism and integrity.

So, if you are a Broker or Underwriter and require further information on how GBS Health and Safety Services can partner with your teams to assist with risk control and liability management, get in touch with us to see how we can strengthen your management of risk.

If you would like to discuss how GBS Health and Safety Services can help your business then contact us today.