Safety Alert – ‘Norfolk Range’ fire extinguishers

Safety Alert – ‘Norfolk Range’ fire extinguishers

‘Norfolk Range’ large wheeled dry powder fire extinguishers manufactured before 2009 by UK Fire International Ltd

This week the HSE issued a safety alert regarding the above fire extinguishers which, given the correct environment, may be affected by moisture ingress at a threaded joint at the base of the unit, rendering the unit inoperable.

At a recent fire on a chemical plant, three wheeled dry powder fire extinguishers, containing 45kg of Monnex dry powder, failed to discharge when activated.

Action required:

You should inspect any ‘Norfolk Range’ wheeled dry powder fire extinguishers and confirm if you have a unit with a discharge tube connected to the bottom of the unit.

If the extinguisher has been left exposed to adverse conditions since its last extended service, the condition of the elbow joint should be examined by a competent fire extinguisher service engineer.

Service engineers should closely examine, and if necessary, remove the elbow to confirm if there is evidence of water ingress to the discharge tube. If there is any doubt about moisture affecting the powder in the discharge tube, consider subjecting the extinguisher to an extended service including full replacement of the dry powder.

Service engineers should advise clients to consider storing this type of extinguisher in a location where it is protected from rain or very damp conditions.

Further information

For further details please see the press release which can be seen here.

If you have further health and safety or fire safety questions or concerns please contact us to discuss.

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