Sit less and move more at work

Research has identified that we should be reducing our sitting time at work by at least 60 minutes per day, which can
improve our health.

With COVID-19 keeping many indoors and working from home, it is important to make time to step away from your desk regularly. 

Chris Burrow, OSH Content Developer at IOSH, discusses new research examining the health implications of sitting at work for long periods of time – and some of the benefits of being more active in the workplace.

Standing up for around 5 minutes every half hour has health benefits.  If you add light walking/movements to the 5 minutes of standing time it increases the health effects which is more effective than standing on its own. If you add basic resistance exercises (eg, squats, lunges, press ups, star jumps) – this further increases the health effects.

View the whole article HERE – it’s an interesting read, not only for you, but for your family too.