Suicide Prevention

There is a common belief that talking about suicide with someone that is suicidal can be dangerous,  however RedArc has created a campaign to raise awareness about how having open conversations with suicidal people including employees, can save their lives. It believes that anyone can immeasurably help a suicidal individual not just professionals, by asking direct questions and listening to the replies.

Construction sites have been ranked the most lethal occupation for corporate manslaughter in the UK, but it is not just because of the dangerous machinery or risky heights, the high demands and constantly working away from home, has caused suicidal rates to be three times higher than the national average. More than 1,400 construction workers, specifically men, took their own lives in 2011

How to start a conversation with a suicidal employee

· Ask your colleague how they are doing;

· Listen to understand rather than to respond, without judging;

· Mention changes that you have realised in your colleague’s behaviour and let them know that you are concerned about their emotional wellbeing;

· Offer to arrange an appointment for further professional help for your colleague;

· Stay in contact with your colleague so that they know you care.

In the UK, there were a total of 6,507 suicides in 2018, which was an 11% rise from 2017.