Work Equipment Risk Assessment

Work equipment is any machinery, appliance, apparatus, tool or installation for use at work, whether exclusively used at work or not. The scope of work equipment is therefore extremely wide.

At GBS Health and Safety Services we have experienced risk assessors who are able to identify and risk assess work equipment.

From detailed work equipment audits of larger process machinery to workshop / hand-held tools we have a work equipment risk assessment solution to suit your needs.

The reporting formats are detailed but at the same time are understandable by all parties particularly the users who are always consulted during the assessment process.

Our assessment experience includes the following industries / processes:

Wallpaper manufacturing Engineering workshops Motor vehicle repair
Waste transfer plant Mobile plant / equipment Heavy pressings
Casting and mounding Storage and handling equipment Forestry equipment
Engineering workshops Constructional steel process equipment Builders equipment
Arboricultural equipment Glazing manufacture and installation Carpentry tools
Agricultural machinery Electrical engineering (HV and LV) Robotics
Allied trades equipment Paper recovery equipment Painting systems
CNC and automation Access equipment Catering equipment

Our assessment process usually follows the below structure:

  1. Create an inventory of work equipment and review any existing risk assessments
  2. Prioritise any equipment which is considered to be higher risk or has yet to be assessed
  3. Decide on the preferred method of assessment (audit style, 5 steps etc.)
  4. Review known information such as manufacturers information, websites, maintenance guides / logs etc.
  5. Discuss the hazards with operators, engineers, maintenance team etc.
  6. Document the risk assessment using the preferred format option
  7. Discuss the findings of the assessment with all parties
  8. Create appropriate action plans for any areas of weakness (guarding, layout, compliance, training etc.)
  9. Share significant findings with employees, supervisors and managers
  10. Assist with the development of safe systems of work / safe working methods

It is this detailed and methodical approach which has enabled us to work with organisations of all sizes – from small workshops to multi-national manufacturers.

If you have work equipment and need assistance with the risk assessment process we are sure to have a consultant with the skills and experience to assist you.

Contact us today to discuss how GBS Health and Safety Services can assist you and your company with work equipment risk assessments or audits.


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